One question a day #week1

Hi everyone

Welcome back To another episode of questions we explored this week.

Every week we explore answers and facts to some Google trending questions related to science with context to India.

This week questions most people searched about were, of course on Corona pandemic which we are dealing with right now.

So without wasting any more time let’s see what we explored through different questions. let’s get to the questions.

What is the difference between an outbreak epidemic and pandemic?

Okay, for example when Coronavirus was Limited to Wuhan it was an outbreak. it became an epidemic when it spread across China .since it is spreading worldwide now it is called a pandemic. that means when there is a sudden increase in any particular disease or any infectious outbreak it is called an epidemic. when the epidemic spreads over several countries and continents then it is called a pandemic.

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Next question is – what is thermal screening?

Thermal scanners are used for screening at airports and seaports. they show the skin temperature of incoming passengers before they reach so that they can be separated from others for an additional checkup. This helps establish another level of security when dangerous diseases spreading all over the world. thermal images work like a human eye. only rather than picking up on visible light, thermal imaging devices detect an infrared range of light and heat released by an object.

Meanwhile, there is an ongoing discussion about the COVID- 19 vaccine, as it shouldn’t be exclusive to just one Nation. the entire world desperately needs it now And as the famous scientist, Louis Pasteur said that science knows No Country because knowledge belongs to humanity. Hopefully, that only happens.

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Another day another interesting question came up. Why Corona virus is named as Covid 19?

Viruses are named by the international committee on taxonomy of viruses but diseases are named by the World Health Organisation. So this International committee on viruses announced the new name of the virus as severe acute respiratory syndrome Corona virus 2 that is Sars CoV2 and WHO announced Covid 19 as the name of the new disease. This name was chosen because the virus is genetically related to the Corona virus responsible for Sars outbreak in 2003. Number 19 indicates the year of this disease onset.

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The next question is about the topic Angiography. What is Angiography?

This is a kind of x-ray test used to check the health of the blood vessels within the body and how blood flows. these x-ray pictures created are called Angiograms. This test will help to diagnose many issues affecting blood vessels of various organs like brain-heart kidney lungs etc. There are many types of Angiography. Coronary Angiography is done to the heart, Cerebral Angiography for brain, Pulmonary Angiography for lungs and Renal Angiography for Kidneys. If scanning is done instead of x-ray then there are types like CT Angiography and MRI Angiography as well.

Do you know Angiography is different from Angioplasty?

Angiography is used to examine in your blood vessels but Angioplasty involves widening the narrowed arteries to treat the condition. Angiography is usually a safe and painless procedure.

The last question for this week was about the definition of a process call Imbibition.

It’s like diffusion. The uptake of water by substances that do not dissolve in water so that the process results swelling of the substance. That is called Imbibition.

So those were some questions for this week. It’s also officially the time of spring season in various parts of the northern hemisphere. Let’s hope for the best and soon all the distress is over and we start afresh. Until then stay strong, safe and together. See you next time.bye.

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