Week 7 | DotSci | Happenings – Podcast

Hi everyone,

So now DotSci has a podcast show too. A podcast is an audio show. It will be an audio version of whatever we do on other platforms, mainly YouTube.

We’re doing this primarily because we’ve noticed how cool and powerful a way it is to spread science now. And also because we’re so comfortable with the medium. Be it either resources or flow.

We wanted it to be on Spotify. We went there and found there are hosting sites for this also, and those hosting platforms air podcasts on various applications.

So going with the suggestion there, launched it on Anchor Fm. You can find our show on anchor here: https://anchor.fm/dotsci8

Anchor. fm is a podcast host that publishes content like a radio show and also distributes to different applications whenever a new episode comes up.

I observed a few things with venturing into podcast way:

The system is easy to navigate.

The time to prepare material is comparatively less.

There’s no separate recording for a separate video slide, so there’s no missing flow in the recording.

It gives more comfort to be credible. Podcasts make the information more personal. The visual medium is more powerful and interesting as long as the visual stimulation is perfect.

In the absence of a good editor, each part of the product must be done separately and then joined.

The show name is Happenings by DotSci and the latest episode is: How people learn languages

Platforms / Softwares we used:

For multi-track recording: Zencastr ( https://zencastr.com )

Mixing: Audacity , Kapwing

Hosting platform: Anchor. fm

The latest episodes available on:

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/67kDmoe54skn9N3D7Yit6p

Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/happenings-by-dotsci/id1494318488?ign-mpt=uo%3D4

Google: https://podcasts.google.com/?feed=aHR0cHM6Ly9hbmNob3IuZm0vcy8xMjYzNGFjYy9wb2RjYXN0L3Jzcw&ved=0CAAQ4aUDahcKEwio5trv0ZnnAhUAAAAAHQAAAAAQCQ

From now on, whatever content we make, we try to make it available to different medium users on all platforms.

Our objectives remain same – to bridge the gap between actual standardized knowledge and its implicational use, to create awareness for a better life and to break down the nature principles in the words we understand and know how to apply in multitudes. ‘

The content will be both in English & Telugu languages (as separate Playlists) in the hope to clear the gap with regional science communication. We hope our little effort adds up to contribute scientific awareness in India.

If you like our content, please like, share, subscribe and follow to encourage us further 🙂

So with this, the phase of establishing DotSci available on every important platform we know is over. For our affection on science, we are back again to the learning curve phase of social media and storytelling. I hope you remember the halt we made to this learning journey a few weeks ago. Now that will be the 2nd phase – Building up the DotSci.

See you again with another dot.

Until next,


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