The decade – The 20’s !

Sometimes we choose life,

Sometimes life chooses us.

– This decade.

Time plays in different ways. Sometimes it makes sense after it passes a period. Sometimes it rushes us to think against it earlier than it arrives. But as always, as with everyone, the number of highs and lows of it gets balanced at the end of any turn. Like now!

Reflecting on the past is dealing with discomforting lows once again. But it is also about reliving the highs. It’s what we take away from both and carry on with us.

Lessons came in my way:

  1. No matter how the situation is, there will always be a hundred ways to survive.
  2. Only skills matter. Knowledge is for your label of meaning. Having skills and enjoying them are different.
  3. The world only favors when you add up value and meaning to it. Without that, it turns into this social cushion which does not let you fail.
  4. Friendships are important. Having people who are happy for your happiness, sad in your sadness. The genuine ones who show you the mirror.
  5. Relationships work purely on time. The longevity and depth of any relationship are based on how much time you are willing to invest and put efforts to nurture it. Without time, they just remain some names.
  6. The social cushion chases you to protect from sidelining and thinking always with strange names, strange questions, and answers.
  7. Your feelings are always valid, but actions often need justifications.
  8. When self-doubt is plaguing with ultimate force, random adventure is the only way out.
  9. The little ways to add a new narrative teaches the best lesson about patience and vulnerability.
  10. The exploration between a Yes and No is usually prohibited and often blurred.
  11. Closeted realities leave remains even after shattered.
  12. Food is a comforting drug. Travel and exercise are awakening addictions. None of these are free but essential.
  13. Success is for the conditioned brain but meaning and difference are for the heart.

I chose some, life threw some and again I took the driving seat with a learning license. This decade had so many things I want to re-visit, also things I don’t want to think about but all of them led me to what I am at this moment.

It feels kind of flimsy to note out the learnings but I like to think them as the observations on my allotted time here and cover them as wisdom.

Good luck for the next year.

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