Week 5| Dotsci | Bile and burning

Hi everyone,

New video is up on the channel : Here it is –

Bile acids affect the immune cells function.

The research is interesting because this progress can lead to a cure for various immune disorders.

Returned to weekly Dotsci after a gap. The series of ‘making Dotsci’ was halted at our beginnings of exposure to the world of social media marketing, blog writing, etc. through some courses. That journey will be updated again separately when all the modules of the courses are finished.

But today, I would like to document what I learned in making this video. This is the first time I made an animation video. The first time, I made some images move. Of course, it’s still a 2d animation but it was thrilling. The moment the images started dancing as I wanted, they moved my mind in different directions too. It’s quite a deep and separate discipline itself of creating illusions, magic and decide how others see the images. I enjoyed seeing the existence of different levels in it. Will try to explore more in possible ways.

There’s much difference between a research article that is published in a journal and reporting facts for the general audience. You don’t need most of the words used in the journal paper at all. It’s all about how you travel from specifics to generalized highlights retaining the essence of scientist’s curiosity and effort. I am not at all there yet. But understood it’s a kind of pure experience to be able to feel someone’s effort and trans-creating that to the audience in lesser time and space. Someday soon!

With fewer resources come more stubbornness and somewhat creativity. Currently, we are using

Beyond the output, by using three different resources for audio, editing, and animation in free versions, I am learning patience step by step for the first time. It’s needed anyway to keep going to reach somewhere in this journey.

Another important aspect we are struggling with is of course storytelling. In the absence of video stock clips, the challenge is to make it all interesting through the images we create. We are aware that’s non -negotiable now and hopefully would reach there soon. Because definitely, the agenda is not to just share or pass the information.

Hmm… On that note, here’s the Telugu version of the video :

The take away from this week is –

Facts tell.

Stories sell.


See you next time.

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