Wedding, Diwali and Winter

Wedding in the family is a chance to look at the section of people in the world you share your DNA with and wonder what commonalities you have with each of them. Of course, there would be some, while there would be some strange differences as well. The great thing about having a close extended family is to celebrate every event with greater enthusiasm. You have fun if the atmosphere is radiant be it a festive family gathering or special events like this. It was one another fun and much-expected event of this year to see these assorted little groups of family set around to expand the gene pool through some elegant rituals and sannayi vibes in the background.

Two people might have various reasons for realizing the spousal tag. However, if the reasons better be in sync and are well sufficient for themselves, this grand function does not resemble to be a caricature of what it occasionally seems. The stars in this case – Brother and his new partner- are the happy couple I saw in recent times. The weekend flew by quickly as a relaxing getaway with some fine captured moments.


At the beginning of the last month, heard on a podcast that to appreciate things better, we should constantly ask ourselves why are we doing what we do. It seems effective in leading to fulfillment when you reaffirm your why, reducing the occasional hit of down waves. Enjoy feeling the why in parts in every step instead of picturing a whole why.

A show on Netflix called You Vs Wild made me see the importance of that. In that interactive show, despite taking all spontaneous and fast decisions you would end up losing survival. Because apparently in the wild, every action is supposed to be slow and mindful. Every decision of survival has to be thought like an animal that too without panic. Bear Grylls is fascinating. It was amazing to see the range of things he does in a single day and the strategies stemmed from years of experience.


Another memorable day of the last month happened under the title ‘Hanging out in layers’. Each person, if not mind palace like Sherlock Holmes, definitely would have a comfort palace. This comfort palace has some layers of comfort that are shared uniquely with each other person. That day having spent an entire day with a close relative, added that kind of layer instead of just an intimidating interaction now and then. Sometimes it is wonderful to observe how we create multi-layers of feelings to observe the passage of time. As we are helpless against the clock, we leave a few bits of us in past by naming them may be.


Diwali is the favorite festival of the year. This year instead of observing firecrackers painting the sky above from the terrace, lighting a few years old flower pots felt more satisfying. Each festival of any religion revolves around family and friends. Thus, another Diwali celebrated in appreciation of family, food, serenity and having an opportunity to find light in the darkness as many times as it takes.


All the summer, I waited for rains. Rains overstayed their time this year until craved for winter. Winter is here now. Let’s see how long that joy lasts before the cold intolerant body goes frozen. Also, the excitement of the year is back. It’s travels and tales of time. The anticipation period before the journey revives the desire of some extra life every time for the long wish list. Looking forward to the time travel to Kalinga times and experience wider India once again.

Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.”

― Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full of Sky


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