Ripples, Rains and Rejoice

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Does bucket lists bring joy? Ticking off the boxes makes us feel accomplished on a deathbed or are these just a secret set of wishes everyone gets to feel that they did not exhaust life and went after them always one after another? No definite idea, but have come to realize this – Happiness sparks inside you by only solving problems, of any kind. But even that spark is short-lived if there is no context to it. May be attaching context to anything that you do makes the fleeting moment turns into a meaningful memory and makes the tick box worthy.

Accepting constructive criticism is an art. It is graceful. This week it seemed only a few people are born with that trait. The minute the words are out in the air, heartbeat quickens and mind appears to race – first in search of an explanation for the invasion and later an angrily retort to justify whatever actions were pointed out.
It’s not an uncommon thing to do- to react with defensiveness, anger, and worse verbal attack. One knows it’s all momentary, soon when regret hits within minutes and they crawl back to apologize. Truth is, the need to get over that emotional discomfort lies in proportion to how much constructive that criticism is and how that adds up to the whole intention. Identifying weaknesses only help us maintain balance and keep serenity afloat.
Learning to back off the defensive seems to resolve in one direction – At the first sign of criticism, before everything else – Stop. Try not to react at all! Halt a dismissive facial expression or reactive quip (More updates on this social experiment follows in further blogs). After all, criticism is not something easy to give. It takes effort.

Since when Caravan Mini arrived into my space, I am trying to make it work around me like a mood absorber. I despise the need for it to be charged from time to time, even though I don’t use it all the time.
My usage of it as a good old radio and the room-awaited Bluetooth speaker has converged at a spot with the discovery of Spotify. It’s almost like the radio has adopted the choice mantra. Being a multi-tasking medium, the newly spotified speaker cum radio personalized everything out there for me and set the room ambiance. Personalization with a personality.

Personalization of anything also gives the courage to provide value without expectations. You will know it when your little piece of writing travels somewhere before you do.

Writing is like driving at night in the fog. You can only see as far as your headlights go. But you can make the whole trip that way.

E. L. Doctorow

Remember when you wished to grow up and be the busiest person, solving all the world problems?
What happens to us along the way? This long journey through the big painting – just like we get added up a few colors and fade some, few of them linger on and peek into your present story like this time to time.

Pratham – One Day One story event

The story you wanted to live may not coincide the story you wanted to tell yet, but it can still reach in invisible disguise, deliver your affection. Because disguised cloak life knows it does not raise hope on mountain tops, but in valleys below.

They say we can’t be at two places at the same time. We are always distributed between a million possibilities, of course, being stationary inside the body. Oh! baby movie, for me, delved into this, peeked into the one possibility of “what if?” What all would you do if everything resets to the start?
Also concerning my often musings about the relevance of my existence and certainty of my absence – this story added a thought to the pool – only a few people on earth know about our origins. Only a few can tell our story from the beginning. After they leave, our past is also not celebrated anymore. We will be left with the present, making it fill up.

One of the major things that consume our time – Contemplating.
Pondering usually occurs from a stack of unexpressed intentions, unadulterated actions, whatever may be the reasons though. They make you grow in some way but at a considerable cost of regrets sometimes. This leads to misery. It might not be visible as a constant condition but most of it is like a wave which hits time to time. The shore can’t escape from it or sink in it completely. Getting rid of it not even a privilege because it comes with a – not being a human tagline.

We even require ‘filters’ to put a picture on social media and read that status update post once again before posting it, to look at whether or not we make sense. The only intermittent way of shielding these waves seems to have a draft zone and preserve that space amid waves speed and shore sanity. It’s a zone where these leftover or incomplete thoughts/actions live, which don’t imply perfect, which are eventually to be worked upon, which still prefer to be allowed ‘at that’. They don’t fall under the ‘stacked’ category either. The draft is a real space. About to be asserted or done yet never quite voiced.

Four lost and struggling brothers, An African woman, A woman of another language, A woman who is trying to find her way to this house, and all of them are watching a just born kid who has nothing to do with arrangement or scenario.

This frame from Kumablangi nights represented me that individuals everywhere, despite all their variations, are remarkably similar. Especially in their incompleteness and at crying.After they bring down the doors among themselves too, that incomplete roof with the background of beautiful Kerala seemed perfect to shelter those resting hearts.

Do the most important work of the day in the initial five hours after your day begins. An agenda against procrastination. After those five hours of being the face of productivity, I can go from mountain biking to back-to-back movie marathon. Offloading creativity onto work desk instead of searching it on twitter and Facebook. After all that, will read a half chapter from the nine-chaptered novel story on how nine people perceive the same person in nine bizarre ways. Then I will retire to sleep hoping my existence remain meaningful and organized. But, like always. From coming week onwards. 🙂

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