Week 3 : DotSci | First video-out experience

My first stint with a weight loss program bought me a bunch of superfoods which were supposed to help increase the metabolism and eventually lose some weight. Three months of a daily struggle to eat them was insane. I had no idea back then that lack of gluten is the reason why the dough made from gluten-free atta was not elastic and tasteless. It was suggested as a healthy replacement for my meals so I tried to follow it.

The gluten-free diet is the so far the best option for the people who are suffering from gluten intolerance condition. But unfortunately, people who are not gluten intolerant also majorly believe that gluten-free food is healthier, although there is no actual evidence about the gluten-free diet helps in weight loss.

Psychological ‘halo effect’ makes people believe that anything which contains ‘-free’ is meant to be healthier and go for it as I did once. Hence the demand for gluten-free foods raised worldwide and unfortunately, they became expensive. But there is a dire need to make a staple meal for gluten intolerant patients who need it.

As we browsing through the latest research publications, that is why this particular topic attracted us which is relatively the latest research under the category of ‘The science of food’

You can see our video about this topic here :

Gluten-free bread: Latest Research developments

The original paper seemed lengthy at first as I lost touch with reading research papers for many years. Skimming the content was a new experience. It took four iterations to summarise the whole lot into about 15 lines.

Then I stumbled upon Adobe spark. After the intro video making, this looked like heaven to me. It has so many features in the free version itself, it made me so joyful to see the quality of free version video template also high and very convenient.

So I made it for a week. Ideally, four minutes of adding video clips, text and music should not take that long but that’s how it was! Crazy! First, it was content, next narration. Honestly, I did not like my narration but I guess it’s improved after a few revisions. I am sure It would be great fun to learn storytelling in future slowly.

Marwiee and Shellsy were of great help to simplify all these, keep me on it and be proud of it. Hasheem-al-ghaili videos are so helpful as a reference point to not complicate things. Still figuring out how to de-jargon terms more, how to release content on all platforms at the same time, the essential checklist, strategies to increase its presence, etc. There are a hundred things to improve upon but I like to feel grateful for the thousand things this taught me already and I finally started experiencing what it takes to survive as a dot in the ocean and strive to swim in it. Cheers to all of you who subscribed to us to join in this unlearning-learning journey! 🙂

“Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most”

Abraham Lincoln



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