Into 2018…

Happy New year…

How strange it is! There is nothing ‘new’ to time. Still, whenever the patterns we identify and define repeat themselves, which calls for a celebration, festivities. Anniversaries, New years… However, beginnings are always good. Full of hope and renewed energies. There is nothing like them. Maybe that’s why these repetitions still go crazy! When the number starts again from 0,1… the self-assurance of looking back at the success, relationships, moments achieved through all these years, is still the best feeling. That’s why the festivals, parties, social gatherings still exist even in this age of isolation!

It’s been a week already since New Year arrived. Time for another revolution around Sun. No special resolutions this time like always. Just reminded all the old ones, saw back the flown ones, dusted few, spent time with the few. Few accomplished, few progressed but almost knocked down in the same place. To gather up pieces of myself in those places and go forward into another revolution is the only resolution I got for myself this time.

The routine before Jan 1st continued into the new year. Facing underemployment, understanding the concept of identity, to know what more colors to add that, to work harder and to learn to love all seasons alike, that too in chilling winters of Himalayas once again. To learn the expression by writing a blog regularly from the heart than just chasing followers, readers, hits, and perfection in English. To teach my tired mind how to respond, stay happy, how to stay calm again. All these were the same in last year too. What I learned is that all these, journey along with us every year until the end. The look, expression may change but whether they turn into resolutions or get realized, the main elements of us won’t change every year. They also revolute with us in new forms and faces.

Lesson to be followed this year..

The term entropy in thermodynamics might have derived from the intent of life itself. One thermodynamic law states that the more each action-reaction happens in the universe, try every minute to restore the energy balance; the more entropy drags the balance towards disorder, chaos again.  But for us, we can tweak it if we want to. The more the new year day resolutions go away from our control as the year progresses, the more we can try best to gather them up again, work on them without the need of completion or in stress, calmly is not some rocket science but it could be another year full of moments in our life. That could be our resolution. To collect our lost pieces or given up corners and stand up again… no matter how many times.

Embrace the glorious mess that you are! -Elizabeth Gilbert

So into another year… Another set of experiences which are yet same 🙂

This first week went well. Reached my personal goal of walking 3kms in 30 mins that too by switching off the internet. Found though it’s not compulsory to maintain beauty, it is necessary to pamper your body and self. Searched the interesting ways to assimilate worldwide latest happenings to keep myself up to date. Boarded projects to escape into mountains again. Started off the mistress of spices which explores the magical realism. Realised how Instagram can be my art journal by just filling it daily with lines of my pencil. Apart from my scribbling, You can see those lines here –  The wayfarer stories

After being exposed to the magical Pinterest, started off with the recent discovery-in-self, mass communication. Learnt the only way is to take calculated risks while losing all my chips in poker. Saw colors of my sprinkles on the cake for grandmamma’s 78th birthday, reflecting on the faces of everyone in the family having lunch together on banana leaves after a long time.

First time ate burger along with the friends in disguise of cousins. The icing on the cake came rather soothing and went like this with someone’s words. “If something had gone away from us without our regard, it does not mean, that will be the same lifelong. It comes again before us in a full circle for sure, if that happens, instead of choosing to turn away or ignoring, there is also an option to smile and do friendship with those moments again.”

Haha, all these are not part of any resolutions list. The moments are always around the corner in every week and day within our palms reach. Just go and find the fun!

How’s the new calendar is for you? Still new?

Find your fun…always.



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