About me

Hello World,

This is Deepthi.

This space is not just about documenting some events or experiences.

Maybe, It could be said as a collection of my moody scribbles about different questions, different explorations, and different journeys. 

I scribble to express myself, express things that try to express themselves through me. Because when everything overwhelms me, I came to understand that expressive writing is some sane thing to do.

Here, I write about Science | Travel | Moments | Dreams | ….in the sounds and languages of words these things come and make me feel I am alive.

As the name goes, I am also one of those wayfarers out there who sets out into the world one foot before another, a traveler who glides through the calm streets to absorb the life in silence.

I hope this effort resonates with some of you out there, connects the like-minded souls, communities be it through science/ words or just the quiet time-traveling with books or maybe in just finding the solace in reflections of the moments passed.

Every comment and email I get makes me smile!

Please always feel welcomed to get in touch, I love hearing stories!

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