About me


I am Deepthi.

I am a dreamer, thinker, traveler and when all the above overwhelms me, I become an occasional scribbler.
As the name goes, I am also one of those wayfarers out there who sets out into the world one foot before another, a traveler who glides through the calm streets to absorb the life in silence. These are my stories of experiences, explorations through the things I am connected with and care about; The Wayfarer stories!
At 27, I got stuck with a feeling that life is passing me by. No, It does not mean that I am not chasing anything. I am still in the race of making a career, identity, understanding other aspects of life. But, I also realized that I always wanted to do things which contribute to something meaningful, add up value and set me free.
So, here I am, to take a new journey of understanding more, to connect with like-minded souls, communities be it through science& communication, exploring the world through wayfaring, quiet time-traveling with books or maybe just finding solace in reflections of memories, and stories which I usually never tell.
Along with my evolution, I also hope my readers to sense the good vibes of my explorations, which I experience by writing here.
The joy I am hoping from scribbling definitely involves the interaction with new stories and different perspectives of the readers. Every comment and email that I get makes me smile!

Please always feel welcomed to get in touch, I love hearing stories!
Facebook – Deepthi

My art and hobby trails gallery is here. Have a look.

Instagram – The Wayfarer stories


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